Choosing A Puppy

This is an exciting time for anyone getting a new puppy. All our puppies are born indoors in our kitchen, the central room of our home. This room is a clean environment for the mother and our new babies. Puppy’s immune systems are not strong enough to handle everyday germs. We want to keep puppies and mother germ-free.

We understand that each family is looking for something special and different in a puppy. Once we know what you are looking for in a puppy, we can give you information on which puppies might suit your needs. As the breeders, we spend a lot of time with the puppies getting to know their personalities.

  • Do you have kids?
  • Are you an active person?
  • Are you looking for a calmer puppy?
  • Are you looking for male or female?
  • Are you looking for an outgoing puppy?

It’s all about making sure the puppy is happy and the family is happy. Keep this in mind; families will come to us saying “I want a quiet puppy not hyper.” All families raise their puppies differently, A puppy can leave our home quiet and often there can be a difference between how a puppy is raised and how they turn out.  We understand that families want a calm, confident and loving puppy, as do we.  This is why we only breed parents that have these wonderful qualities.  

Families may spend two to three hours trying to choose a puppy based on how cute he or she is -- an experience that can be overwhelming. The fact is, all of them are cute. This is why we work with you to fit your family with the right puppy before puppy pick up day. When the puppies are born, we watch each one closely from the very beginning to see how they interact with each other and their new situations. By 4-5 weeks of age, we begin communicating with you about our available puppies, beginning with the first family on our reservation list.  This ensures that everyone gets the “PICK OF THE LITTER” because the puppy is picked that best matches your wants and needs! It is a joint effort between us and you.

Why do we do this? The usual way of choosing a puppy based solely on the puppy’s looks, or “who ran to me first,” without knowing the puppy’s usual temperament and personality is not the right way to choose a puppy. Looks are important but are only half the package.  What you may see on one visit, may not be a good representative of that puppy on a regular basis. The whole package must be considered when picking the right puppy. That is why we want to help you pick the best puppy…FOR YOU AND FOR YOUR PUPPY!!!  Be patient and trust us to help you make this important decision.  Ultimately, you pick out your own puppy, we here to help.