Curly Coat

Curly Coat Goldendoodles have soft fluffy coats. Their beard can range from shaggy to curly. This coat type is non-shedding. In our experience, this coat type changes with age. Around 3 years old the coat may grow as loose curls and shaggy in various areas. Their tails are much like the Golden Retriever tail.

Many refer to this coat type as the poodle coat, but this is not true. This coat is a between coat of the poodle coat and the fleece coat. Most puppies born with curls will have a curly coat. Not all puppies born with curls will have a the curly coat described here, some will have the plush fleece coat with curls. This later coat type is rarer and not found in the F1, and rare in the F2. F3 can produce this coat type and some F2b, depending on the Dam and Sire. You can see on the puppy below that the curly are less obvious but the coat type/texture is still curly. If you aren’t sure about the coat type of a puppy, contact us for more information. If you are interested in getting on our reserve list for a curly coat puppy, please contact us at info@foreversnugglygoldendoodles.com