Fleece Coat

Fleece Coat Goldendoodles have soft plush coats. Goldendoodles with a fleece coat will be non-shedding. Fleece coats can vary from straight, waves or curls. From our experience, F1/F2 fleece coat puppies are usually born with straight coats without any wave or curls, later they may develop curls. Whereas, F3 fleece coats can range from shaggy to curly plush coats (as well as some F2b), not to be confused with the Curly Coat. These fleece coats are plusher than the average fleece coat. The puppy on this page is an F2. To see F3 coats, view our Previous Puppy page. On our Puppy Praises page, the Johnson’s have an F2 with a fleece coat.

Fleece coat Goldendoodles will whelp a variety of coat types depending on the Sire. Since a Goldendoodle has a large mixture of Golden Retriever and Poodle genes, pairing a fleece coat with a poodle doesn’t guarantee curly poodle coats, but the chances of smooth coats are less likely. If you are interested in getting on our reserve list for a fleece coat Goldendoodle, please contact us at info@foreversnugglygoldendoodles.com.