Adoption Process

Purchasing one of our adorable babies is not like walking into a pet store and pointing out the one you want. We put a lot of time and effort into helping your family find the right pet long before you pick up your new family member.  After the puppies are born, we watch each one closely from the very beginning to see how they interact with each other and their new situations. By 4 to 5 weeks of age, we start helping our puppy families pick out their puppies based on the information provided in their puppy preferences. This ensures that everyone gets the "pick of the litter" because the puppy is picked that best matches the wants and needs of each family! It is a joint effort between us and you. 

We are often asked, "Do you pick out our puppy for us or are we allowed to pick out our own puppy?"  Rest assured, you are allowed to pick out your own puppy.  We are here to help you along your puppy journey.  We are snuggling and caring for our puppies from birth until the time comes that they go home.  We are happy when your happy and most definitely when our puppies are happy.


Non-Obligation Waiting List

Forever Snuggly Goldendoodles has two waiting lists. The first is our non-obligation waiting list. Individuals on this waiting list are notified of newborn litters and puppies that become available. It is for notification purposes only and does not guarantee you a puppy. Click here for our Non-Obligation Waiting List Form.

Paid Waiting List

The second list is our Paid Waiting List for those who have placed non-refundable $300 deposits. To be included on this list you must complete the Puppy Application form, make your deposit, and communicate your puppy preferences.  It is different from the Non-Obligation Waiting List for email updates on new litters. To be included on this list requires a dedicated commitment to accept your chosen puppy when the time comes. The $300 non-refundable deposit guarantees absolute first choice of any available puppies before they will be made available to anyone else. When a new litter is available – you will be the first person to know – subject to your position on this list.

For instance, after being notified of a newborn litter, you may have been waiting for a specific puppy (toy or petite, red or white, curly or fleece, male or female), and that puppy may not available to you, then you are able to wait on our next upcoming litter.  It is important that you tell us whether or not you have preferences of size, coat type, and color.

We will send out an email notification to those on our paid waiting list once the puppies are 3-4 weeks old.  At this time the puppies will have fully opened their eyes and will be ready to have their pictures taken.

After receiving your email notification of the arrival of new puppies, you must confirm your place on our reservation list no later than 36 hours of receiving the notification.  If you have been notified of a new litter and we do not hear back from you, we will assume you would like to wait for another upcoming litter. Those on our puppy announcement waiting list will then be notified of our new litter. If you have been on our Paid Waiting List for longer than 9 months without confirming your place on any of our reservation lists, we expect communication of your intentions in homing a puppy with us.

Deposit on a Current Litter and Puppy Fee

After contacting us, if you are not already on the Paid Waiting List, a $300 non-refundable deposit reserves your picking spot in our current litters. We do not offer any refunds or exchanges once you get your puppy home so please give considerable attention to your initial purchasing decision.  If using a mobile, deposits can be made through Paypal at the bottom of this page. All remaining balances must be paid through Paypal prior to pick up or in cash at the time of pick up. We do not accept checks at the time of pick up. There is a 3% convenience charge added to all Paypal transactions to cover Paypal fees.

Deposits are moved to the next upcoming litter ONLY if we are unable to provide you with a puppy that suits your puppy preferences that you have communicated to us. Please be aware of this. Our time spent with you in communication and in handling your requests and holding a reservation for you is what your deposit will be paying for should you choose to do something else. It is only a rare situation when a planned litter does not arrive as expected, so the ability to provide a puppy as requested is not typically an issue, however, because we have no control over pregnancies, your deposit will be moved to the next available reservation list should the desired litter not result in a puppy that can be provided to you.

All puppies go home with:

  • A two-year genetic health guarantee
  • Complete veterinarian health exam
  • Up to date vaccinations & deworming (two, three, four and six weeks)
  • Health Record
  • Bag of current puppy food


Please let me know that you will need shipping at the beginning of our communication.  We can ship your puppy anywhere in the United States.

A pet courier we have been happy with is Executive Pet Transportation.  They will pick your puppy up at our home, then drive your puppy home to you or fly with your puppy to your nearest airport.  Visit their website to book a day and time.  www.execpettransportation.com

You may fly with your puppy in cabin using American Airlines to Augusta Regional Airport.  Same day round trip flight arrangements can be made two weeks prior to your puppies turning 8 weeks old.  Prior to your plane landing at the airport, I will be waiting for you with your puppy.