Smooth Coat

Smooth Coat Goldendoodles are Goldendoodles that have received the gene for a golden retriever coat, and usually the Golden Retriever demeanor as well.  Their coats can range from very low shedding to moderate shedding.   

Being huge golden retriever fans, we love this look, along with the golden retriever personality.  Our smooth coat Goldendoodles range from 15-25 pounds.  Goldendoodles with a smooth coat will not whelp golden retriever puppies but are most likely to produce puppies with gorgeous plush fleece coats.   We often have litters with a smooth coat puppy. View more smooth coats on our Puppy Praises page.  If you are interested in getting on our reserve list for a smooth coat puppy, please contact us at info@foreversnugglygoldendoodles.com.

Male Smooth Coat

Female Smooth Coat