Frequently Asked Questions

Bringing a new puppy home?

You’ve done all your homework and now you can’t wait to bring home your puppy. But before you pick him up, you’ll need to prepare your house and yard. Schedule Your Vet Appointment. Please remember to make your vet appointment within the first 48hrs you bring home your new puppy. Your first visit to the veterinarian should be fun and informative. The veterinarian should examine your new puppy from nose to tail. She may check your pet for infectious diseases and parasite infestations and give your pet his first vaccination shot, if he hasn’t already. Your veterinarian will also go over your puppy’s next set of vaccinations schedule. Please remember to bring in your puppy’s stool sample to the veterinarian.

What about the car ride home?

If this is the puppy’s first trip in a car, the strange sights, sounds, and smells can be frightening. Take some time to let your new puppy get his bearings before you head for home. Cover your lap and upholstery with a towel or sheet. Even after you’ve taken every precaution, puppies can get carsick so be prepared. Keep the car ride quiet and relaxed.

What to do before bedtime?

Take up any food or water after six o’clock to make sure your puppy is running on empty when it’s time to sleep. Otherwise, you’ll be making trips to the bathroom all night, or worse, your puppy will eliminate in the house. Shortly before you go to bed, spend some time playing with your puppy. You want him to be tired enough to sleep soundly. Definitely, don’t let him nap within an hour or two of bedtime or else your puppy will be ready to play when you’re ready to sleep. Just before bed, take your puppy outside to his soiling area and wait for him to go. When he does praise him and bring him back inside.

Where puppy should sleep?

If possible, you should let your puppy sleep in your bedroom to reduce the chances of whining or crying at night. Also, the constant contact throughout the night will help your puppy adjust to you and establish you as pack leader. One note of caution: Don’t let the puppy sleep in the bed with you. He’ll eventually expect to be allowed in the bed, and it can lead to numerous behavioral problems as your puppy grows.

What size crate?

Choose a crate with a depth of at least 18–22 inches. If the crate is too big your puppy will go to the back of the crate to make his or her mess. Since we use the Petco crate series 400 (under 20 pounds) and 500 (20-25 pounds), I can recommend them.

What kind of puppy food is my puppy on?

Our puppies are started on ProPlan Focus Chicken Puppy Food. Getting a great start on life takes the same thing getting a great start on the day does: a tasty breakfast packed with everything a growing body needs! Pro Plan Focus Puppy Chicken Formula Dry Dog Food is made just for the new buddies on the block and packed with DHA-filled fish oil for cognitive development, calcium and phosphorous to grow strong teeth and bones, and plenty of protein from lean chicken for a toned and healthy body.

What size collar should I buy?

Puppy’s necks are very small, so look for a little collar at first. Don't buy anything expensive ...they grow very fast.

When can I come see the puppies?

We get this question all the time; puppies only get their first vaccination shots at 6 weeks. We do not allow anyone to come over until the day you come to pick up your puppy. We will schedule a puppy pick-up weekend when you will come over to take your puppy home.

Are there different coat types?

Goldendoodle Coat Types include Curly, Shaggy, and Smooth. The rare smooth coat Goldendoodle puppy will appear to be more “Golden Retriever”. While this puppy looks like a Golden Retriever puppy, it will not shed like the Golden Retriever. It will shed its puppy hair at various stages, but it will not shed fly away hair all year round. If you are a Golden Retriever fan, you will enjoy this type of coat.
Between 10-14 weeks of age, the smooth coated Goldendoodles continue to shed their baby fuzz. By the time it is a year old it’s coat will fill in and it will be beautiful.

Pups with more ripples in the coat at birth go through fewer “extreme” changes. Some people will view a doodle at different coat changes & ages, and assume their coat is either curly or smooth or that the puppy is not as attractive as one they saw at a different age. Every doodle goes through a transitional coat phase. It is completely normal and WILL OCCUR regardless of whom you purchase from.
As your doodle nears closer to its first birthday, the coat continues to bloom and the face is slowly making a really remarkable transformation. That muzzle that appeared short at birth and then long as a toddler, will now appear to have its own characteristics of beauty and intelligence!

Regardless of what generation a Goldendoodle is, all coat types usually work out well for those with allergies.

Can my puppy be shipped to me?

We understand that Evans, Georgia may not be within driving distance for you to pick up your puppy.  We happily recommend a pet courier that will fly in cabin with your puppy to meet you at your nearest airport. Please contact me for more information.

Where are you located?

We are located in Evans, Georgia.